Don't Let Uncleared Land Delay Your Construction Project

Contact Sizemore & Sons for land clearing in Creswell, OR

As a general contractor, you know the importance of starting construction work on time. If you're looking for a local company that can clear residential or commercial land quickly, look no further than Sizemore & Sons, Inc. We offer reliable land management services, including land clearing, in Creswell, OR and the surrounding area. No matter the size of the property, you can trust Sizemore & Sons to keep you on schedule.

Call 541-913-2602 today to speak with a professional about our land clearing services. You can schedule an appointment right away.

What can Sizemore & Sons do for your property?

What can Sizemore & Sons do for your property?

Sizemore & Sons has over 25 years of land management experience in the Creswell, OR area. In addition to land clearing, you can count on us for:

  • Gravel path and driveway maintenance
  • Light land grading
  • Light excavation work

To get started on the land clearing work you need done, contact Sizemore & Sons now. We'll send an experienced team to your location right away.